About the Emergency Human Blog

   Emergency Human is intended as a resource. Whether or not people choose to read this blog on a regular basis, the entries can serve as useful information, found via online search.

   Many blogs seem to blur the line between being a series of topical articles and simply being a diary. Someone might blog about politics but also detail his or her fishing trips and lawn seeding adventures. Someone else blogs about programming but also includes regular entries about his or her adorable neices, recurrent back trouble, or what have you.

   The idea with Emergency Human, in the original spirit of the Internet, is to post entries that might be useful to people. In order to make the content more accessible to readers, entry headings are color-coded in broad categories. Someone interested in philosophical issues may not care about computers/tech., and vice versa. With the color-coding one can quickly scan topics to find those of interest. In addition to the heading color codes, each page has a Contents listing on the left side that uses the same color coding. Hovering over each link will show its associated color, so that articles can be found easily without needing to scroll through all of them.

About Comments:

   Many blogs have a commenting feature. Comments can sometimes be useful to provide extra information in topic-specific, informational blogs, but in most cases their role seems to be in providing a sense of involvement to readers. A consolation prize: If you tolerate stories about my adorable neices and my back problems, I'll provide space for you to also post your 2 cents. There is no commenting feature here. This is not a diary blog or a discussion blog. However, I welcome email with comments, information, thoughts, suggested corrections or clarifications, etc.

About Tags:

   Traditionally, blogs use "tags" and display a visual list of tag links, usually to the right of the blog entries. Does anyone actually use those? The idea of visually presented categories is clever, but the tag captions are generally not very informative or useful. If you visit a cooking blog, does it really help that you can click "Baking", "Frying", or "Butter" and return a collection of entries that mention that word? A simple search for "baked potato" or "frying oils" or "clarified butter" would make a lot more sense. So there are no tags here. Eventually, as it becomes appropriate, there can be a master index of titles and perhaps a search function.

Topic Categories Color Coding Explained:

Philosophy, etc. - This topic category includes philosophy, psychology, social commentary, etc. -- with perhaps a somewhat Buddhist slant. Buddhist psychology and philosophy are radically practical tools that directly relate to the nature of human experience and cognition. There is less weight given to official beliefs and academic theories about Reality, the Self, personality, etc., than the casual observer might think. In a non-religious, non-sectarian view, Buddhist practice might be thought of as the Art of being Human. Hence the title -- Emergency Human.
The 10,000 Things - "The 10,000 things" is an expression borrowed from the Taoist writing, the Tao Te Ching. The 10,000 things refers to the myriad items and objects of worldly life. This topic category includes politics, current events, misc. practical information, etc.
Tech includes programming; PC building, repair and maintenance; tips for using the Windows operating system; etc. These will be entries that are probably only of interest to the people who visit the main JSWare website.
Guest Authors - Other people may write some of the entries here, on an irregular basis. The guest entries could be about anything, but are most likely to fall roughly into the first category of philosophy, etc.